Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just The Juicy Bits

So I decided to declutter my house a little bit. I had stacks and stacks of magazines piling up with post-it flags of recipes, outfits, hair-dos and all sorts of things marked for use someday. After a while it just became too much to remember and sort through. Solution: Idea Binder!

I went through each of my magazines and clipped, snipped and tore out the things I wanted to save. Because, really, no one needs to keep around a magazine that is a bunch of ads and junk you aren't actually interested in (I'm looking at you "should I get Botox" article). There are some really great tips, ideas, crafts, recipes etc in magazines, but it is often so hard to get thorough all the clutter to find what you really want to save. So why not make it more accessible.

I took all my clippings and put them in sheet protectors and then into a chic binder (purchased at Target for $5). I am also planning to add in dividers so the fashion/beauty clippings don't blend into the recipes etc. Maybe eventually each topic will get its own binder, but for now I don't have the volume to necessitate that.

Give it a try! I am finding that I am actually trying out a lot of what I marked as interesting instead of just thinking about how I should and then getting intimidated by my magazine pile.

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