Friday, February 29, 2008

Something About That Tree

So, I wanted to go on a solo road trip to go see the Survivor Tree at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum for Spring Break but with my finances being the way they are (i.e. limbo because of the fraud etc) it looks as if I will not be going to see it. I, oddly enough, fell in love with it when I watched Elizabethtown for the third time. I mostly love that movie.

I wanted to have one of those epic journeys where you really get to know yourself by being away from it all and seeing stuff you've never seen...

My mom keeps suggesting other possibilities but there is just something about that tree that speaks to me... I am determined to see it. No, experience it.


Some music *needs* air. Roll down your windows. - Claire.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Because I can...

These are first attempts. I hope to get better and find better photos. If you have any that you think merit captions send them my way (email please).

In other news, lots of things are going wrong in my life but I did have a ray of housing sunshine today. I just have to sign some paperwork on Thursday and make a payment and I am all set.

I have bonded with one of the girls in my Master's program. I am incredibly excited. She is great and our emails make life better.

Speaking of school, I have not been at all productive today. I had plans to get ahead this week. Which I started out doing and then proceeded to be lazy with the time that I had earned by getting things done early. oh... well. shit.

Finally, there is a tiny little bug that has been annoying me for the last two hours. I cannot catch him. It is the most frustrating thing ever.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Consider Yourself Invited To My Funeral

Dear Friends,

I must apologize for being off the radar of late. Things have been hectic and unpleasant. I found out earlier this week that there was approximately $3500 worth of fraud on my debit card (my life savings) and as more time passes it seems that it was not the only thing compromised and that my identity may have been stolen. It has sucked away most of my life. I went home this weekend to appointments with bank officials, the police, and various other credit people to try and figure shit out. It is terrible and it feels like none of the agencies that are involved talk to each other.

Another thing that is keeping me busy is dealing with housing things for next year. Things are falling into place, which is good. But my aforementioned money woes are making it hard to get things to run smoothly for necessary credit checks for leasing and such. I am having to make zillions of phone calls. Though, I must say, I am quite glad that things are moving at the pace and in the direction that they are because it will soon mean that everything is done.

As always, grad school is lots of work. I am getting much better at managing my time, but sitting to read pages upon pages of stuff just doesn't seem that productive. There aren't really busy work assignments to make sure you are keeping up (though it would be impossible to function in class if you didn't). It is a different animal, but I am really coming to enjoy it.
On that same topic, I have to come up with an online community to evaluate or propose for one of my classes. I don't really have any ideas yet. Any thoughts?

This entry is far too serious.

I have fallen in love with performance socks. They have this elastic part at the arch of your foot. Glorious.

Finally, I've missed everyone during my absence this weekend. Identity theft hurts everyone, everywhere... wait, that is depression...

love, erin

p.s. who wants to get lunch tomorrow (Monday, President'sDay [Western Coast of the United States, Pacific Standard Time, Northern Hemisphere, Standard American English])?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Effortless Friendship Fits Perfectly With My Laziness

As many of you know, I keep my life on post its. I have decided to keep them and various other notes that I write to myself in a notebook.

I am still undecided on getting a second piercing in my earlobes. Thoughts?

Super Tuesday is upon us. I think the LA Times put it best articulates what it is about Barak Obama that I find so appealing. He is the change that I think our country needs (btw I totally typed Courtney instead of country the first time).
I find him inspiring. Yes, We Can!

I was browsing through the facebooks as a procrastination tool and I have decided a couple things:
1. you should always proofread.
2. you should know how to use ellipses properly if you are going to include them in your favorite anything.

Jordan and I had a really intense conversation the other night. It had a lot to do with the difference between being asked out to an event that is being put on by an organization that either of us is a part of and going out as friends. I also ended up spilling some of my guts to Foss about how it can be hard to infiltrate the Theta Xi group of friends (much in the same way that Jordan says he doesn't "get" the band). In any case, I think I have figured out some strategies to deal.