Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Effortless Friendship Fits Perfectly With My Laziness

As many of you know, I keep my life on post its. I have decided to keep them and various other notes that I write to myself in a notebook.

I am still undecided on getting a second piercing in my earlobes. Thoughts?

Super Tuesday is upon us. I think the LA Times put it best articulates what it is about Barak Obama that I find so appealing. He is the change that I think our country needs (btw I totally typed Courtney instead of country the first time).
I find him inspiring. Yes, We Can!

I was browsing through the facebooks as a procrastination tool and I have decided a couple things:
1. you should always proofread.
2. you should know how to use ellipses properly if you are going to include them in your favorite anything.

Jordan and I had a really intense conversation the other night. It had a lot to do with the difference between being asked out to an event that is being put on by an organization that either of us is a part of and going out as friends. I also ended up spilling some of my guts to Foss about how it can be hard to infiltrate the Theta Xi group of friends (much in the same way that Jordan says he doesn't "get" the band). In any case, I think I have figured out some strategies to deal.


civis said...

It really bothers me when people like Jordan and Joe complain about the band because of our "inside jokes." Be on the outside of any group of people who spend a lot of time together and see what happens. I mean, really. What an inane complaint.

I, too, am hoping that Barack is the change that I, and the country, need. Plus, the rest of the world likes him, and I can't argue with all of those people.

fatpinkchicken said...

Yay, Barack!

Last semester, I sometimes got annoyed with band people. I wasn't at practice every time and sometimes missed a lot of the inside jokes.

It kind of does suck.