Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Doesn't This Exist?

Someone should make a video of Clay Matthews to the song I whip my hair.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Matthew: I just read a short article clearing up the difference between formal and actual parameters in function calls... there was one comment at the end:
Matthew: i didn't understood?


I find myself unreasonably hilarious.

Most of My Thoughts Recently...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stranger Than Fiction

who wants to have hair ripped out of their face by hot wax? this girl!

who is going to do it for me? some asian lady at a strip mall!

tomorrow's post work plan is formed.

He Wants To Marry Me, He'll Realize It Soon

Life Without Music Is A Waste

I spend far too much time getting distracted right after putting my headphones on and listening to silence.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keeping Promises: Days 17-30

Day 17: Your thoughts on Ugg boots.
Boots, regardless of brand, are acceptable and can be attractive when they are worn practically and with a coordinating outfit.

Day 18: Do you drink soda more often than milk?
Absolutely, yes. I used to drink Dr. Pepper as if I needed it to live. I have since switched to Diet Coke. I anticipate a soda drinking related disease in my future.

Day 19: The initials of your crush(es).
I can say with confidence that I do not have a crush on anyone at the moment.

Day 20: Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for?
Yes, they are for seeing. I am near-sighted (myopia).

Day 21: Your favorite subject to study.
Cultural studies.

Day 22: Do you play a sport? Tell us about it. If not, talk about a different
hobby you may have.
I played water polo and was on the swim team in high school. I then became fat and lazy and currently list reading blogs and thinking about doing great things but never doing them as my hobbies. I really miss water polo and am constantly challenged by the fact that I have seriously become so out of shape that I cannot bear to even try to get back in the water. It is a vicious circle that keeps me fat. I need to change.

Day 23: Your opinions on Lady Gaga.

Day 24: Tell us about the last movie you saw in theaters.
I saw TRON: Legacy in 3-d with my coworkers before I left for home and later London. I thought the film was quite entertaining and the lead actor was attractive. I spent a lot of the movie negotiating the fact that I was wearing two pairs of glasses.

Day 25: Tell us about the last book you read (for leisure or for school).
I read Love is a Mixtape a while back and am currently reading The Dharma Bums.

Day 26: Name one place you would love to visit one day.
I'd really like to visit the Survivor Tree in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ideally this will be one stop on a long cross country road trip with a bitchin soundtrack. Let's do this friends.

Day 27: List your three favorite girls names, three favorite boys names, and your three favorite names for a pet.
I've always fancied the name Aubrey for a girl and haven't really contemplated naming a girl child anything other than that (take notes future husband). For boys I have always liked Aiden (but I think I'd have to marry and Irishman for it to make sense) and Anze (but that is a little out there). I also love the name Corey.
I think pets earn names.

Day 28: Your first celebrity crush.
I am not entirely sure who was first but I did love Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic came out.

Day 29: Your opinions on the television show Glee
I think there should be a Mike Chang and Brittany S. Pierce spin off called Dance Club.
Game changer right there.

Day 30: Take a picture of yourself right now and post it, or post the most recent picture you can find.
The first is a really great picture of me (thanks Heather) and the second is how I think I look most of the time - big fat cheeks.

For Day 27, I would also like to add that I like the name Luke for boys. I am not, however, particularly interested in the religious nature of this name.