Sunday, February 17, 2008

Consider Yourself Invited To My Funeral

Dear Friends,

I must apologize for being off the radar of late. Things have been hectic and unpleasant. I found out earlier this week that there was approximately $3500 worth of fraud on my debit card (my life savings) and as more time passes it seems that it was not the only thing compromised and that my identity may have been stolen. It has sucked away most of my life. I went home this weekend to appointments with bank officials, the police, and various other credit people to try and figure shit out. It is terrible and it feels like none of the agencies that are involved talk to each other.

Another thing that is keeping me busy is dealing with housing things for next year. Things are falling into place, which is good. But my aforementioned money woes are making it hard to get things to run smoothly for necessary credit checks for leasing and such. I am having to make zillions of phone calls. Though, I must say, I am quite glad that things are moving at the pace and in the direction that they are because it will soon mean that everything is done.

As always, grad school is lots of work. I am getting much better at managing my time, but sitting to read pages upon pages of stuff just doesn't seem that productive. There aren't really busy work assignments to make sure you are keeping up (though it would be impossible to function in class if you didn't). It is a different animal, but I am really coming to enjoy it.
On that same topic, I have to come up with an online community to evaluate or propose for one of my classes. I don't really have any ideas yet. Any thoughts?

This entry is far too serious.

I have fallen in love with performance socks. They have this elastic part at the arch of your foot. Glorious.

Finally, I've missed everyone during my absence this weekend. Identity theft hurts everyone, everywhere... wait, that is depression...

love, erin

p.s. who wants to get lunch tomorrow (Monday, President'sDay [Western Coast of the United States, Pacific Standard Time, Northern Hemisphere, Standard American English])?

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civis said...

I meant to ask, what did the thief do with your identity? Did he kill the stripper that he made it rain on? What a bastard. I don't know how that would work with stealing your identity, but still. I also don't know why I assume it was a "he". This could be a case of "Smack My Bitch Up," I suppose.