Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Intrigued By Your Cubicle Knick-Knacks

When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die.

I am constantly bored at my job at the school of Gerontology. I really enjoy the people and appreciate that they value my opinion on things, even if it is petty stuff like what kind of white-out to buy.

I guess my real issue boils down to the fact that I'd like to spend the downtime I have at work doing homework but things never quite work out in a way for me to do it so I just check my email a lot. I want to be busier with actual work for the school (excluding calling inquirers because that sucks) or doing things that will benefit me directly.

I love pretending I have the courage to quit my job.

I have been looking at several job listings on the interweb to see about maybe getting a full time position that would pay me more and actually give me some real work experience but I keep thinking that right now, things are too easy to jump into something different. I have a unique opportunity to be taken care of financially and spend most of my time focusing on schoolwork. Though I am concerned that there will be nothing for me once I graduate with the master's because I have little work experience; this just might be the low stress focused approach that will lead to a good internship over the summer and a position in the fall and beyond.

Everything is uncertain. I am glad I have time. I know a lot of my friends are stressing because they are having to figure out what they are doing in like 3.5 months.


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