Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Office and Joy

I spent the late afternoon today moving my desk into my roommate's old room. Since she moved out about a week ago, I have been contemplating if I should just leave things the way they are or move my bedroom into this larger room etc etc. I finally settled on just keeping my room where it is since it would be too much hassle to move everything just to up and move to a new place. So I moved my desk into hers so I can have a space to work and do stupid things on the internet (like blog). I only have a small amount of time left in this apartment and will most likely get rid of much of this beat up college furniture, so I figured what the hell, why not have an office for a month and a half.

Here is the result of the move:

Lighting is bad for photos, but the window is great
I used my old, rickety, soon to live in a dumpster TV stand as a home for my printer, paper, a couple accessories and my spare linux laptop. I tried to keep the desk minimal and ready to accept either my work or home laptop depending on what I am doing. I might be keeping this desk (really a kitchen table from Ikea) depending on how apartment hunting goes and the space I can get for the money. If I do, I will probably resurface since it a ton of the laminate has chipped off over the years. 

And now as the sun is starting to go down, I am realizing that I need to come up with a lighting situation for this room as it doesn't have an overhead light or lamp. uhhh, hate to say it... but Charlie Sheen was right. Plan Better!

And to close out, this picture = immeasurable joy: 

Dan + Monkey + Ryan = Marvelous

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