Thursday, May 29, 2008

Corporate Ladder?

Something funny.
Another funny thing.

Other news: I have been having a lot of anxiety about the future. I think I have figured out more of what I want to do with my life as far as work and the kind of atmosphere that I want. Though I worry that I made my decision in part based on what I want to wear to work - but also, I think that makes a lot of sense because what you wear says a lot about who you are.

What do you guys think about this opportunity and this one? These are just two programs that I researched because of talking to Jordan about his job search and I am sure there are others outside of the engineering field that would be in this same track. I think this is more what I am leaning toward as a career.


fatpinkchicken said...

You would not do well working with engineers. Just my two cents.

/someone who works with engineers.

civis said...

I don't see why you want to work for baby bombing companies. I think you just want an excuse to move to NJ. Don't lie.

But yeah, I know what you mean about wanting to do more corporate communications than that involving the interwebs. As long as you're doing it because it's actually your interest and not because you feel shitty that Jordan's going to make more money out of the gate, than I say go for it.