Sunday, March 16, 2008

Give Blood

Yesterday, I accomplished one of my life goals. I donated blood. In all honesty, I did it mostly because I have a fear of getting blood drawn and any needles that go into veins (I am totally fine with flu shot type injections, but IVs and getting blood draw... I lose it).

I was very nervous to go through the whole process.

First Sign: my hemoglobin was too low on the first check.
They check to make sure you are not anemic before you donate. I had to be checked a second time by the supervisor because I didn't qualify to donate the first time. This is why I bruise easy, guys.

Second Sign: I was told I have bad veins.
The supervisor lady who finally gave me the okay to donate looked at my arm and poked at it for a long time then asked if when I had blood draw at the doctor's office if they ever had trouble. This is basically where my fear comes from. It is always a struggle for the health professional to find my vein and then get the needle in it. It is like they poke then fish around in my arm to find it. It is the most painful process.

Third Sign (aka final blow): I am a little lightheaded.
So finally, I qualify to donate. They find a vein and stick me (p.s. with fishing and pain). All is going well then I start to feel lightheaded and the staff crowds around me putting cool towels on me and all sorts of craziness. I toughed it out and finished my donation. I had to lay in the donation chair forever and then when I tried to move to the snack table I almost passed out again. It was a difficult day.

So the moral of the story is I am proud of myself for trying to overcome my fear. I am also proud that I donated blood. I plan on doing it again, hopefully I will figure out a way to have better hemoglobin and higher blood pressure when I donate.


Dan St. John said...

And this is why you're tougher that I am.

fatpinkchicken said...

I remember fainting freshman year when I gave blood (not my first time, I give regularly) because the lady put the needle in wrong, so I completely understand where you are coming from and am very proud of you.

Now you will get a card and you can find out if you save babies.