Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl World Peace

I was originally planning to host a get together with SD peeps for the Super Bowl but that shit didn't work out (lame). So I turned those lemons into lemonade and partied elsewhere - here are some highlights.

Since both teams (Giants & Patriots) have pretty much the same colors and I didn't have heavy loyalties either way, I decided to go with a simple red, white & blue outfit. Also, since I live in Sunny SoCal I had the luxury of wearing shorts in February; suck it everywhere else. The look is a little 4th of July (or some similar America! holiday), but I think it was successful.

Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft, Tank: Don't Remember , Sweater: Target, Shoes: Keds, Necklace: Vintage

Detail of necklace - Vintage from my grandma

Onto the food! 

I made a veggie platter and buttermilk ranch dip with bacon bits & green onion. It was really great and ended up being pretty low-cal (bonus!).

Steamed asparagus, steamed french green beans, raw carrots & celery
Next, the main course was swedish meatball subs. I thought it would be a fun little twist on the old standard of a meatball sub with marinara sauce. I definitely liked these more than the traditional, but then again I like a swedish meatball meal better than spaghetti and meatballs... soooo, live your dream.

I tried to make this crap picture better with instagram... didn't really work.

And finally, for dessert I made brownies, cut them into football shapes and iced on laces. The icing was a little runny so the laces didn't really come out as well as I had hoped, but they were a real hit anyways. Lesson learned: make food shaped like the ball of the sport you are watching and you are a culinary winner (this may fail if you make hockey pucks).


Game, Commercials, Madonna 

I wasn't very excited about the match-up mostly because I don't have any favorite players on either team and just generally don't much care one way or the other for either team. I did end up rooting for the Giants because of Lex and my mom suddenly deciding she liked JPP. It was a really good game - and the last quarter was classic.

The commercials seemed weak this year and I was hoping for some more memorable stuff. The kind of things you talk about at the watercooler. oh well... not buying a car, beer, phone or whatever else they were selling.

I thought Madonna's performance was solid. It was overly theatrical which is exactly what I expected from her doing the Super Bowl. I was so ready to make jokes about her super toned arms but they were censored with sleeves (boo!). The highlights were, of course, MIA flipping off the camera and Cee Lo's teeth. The lowlight was everything about LMFAO (though, I did laugh at the "I workout" bit).

Not too shabby of a day for last minute. 

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