Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's Valentine's Day!

I guess there is a lot of pressure on this day. Romance your significant other! Make today extra special! Do it. Do it, now!

I, for better or worse, don't have that going on in my life right now. Though, I suppose, I have always been the type that will use any excuse to turn a regular Tuesday into a reason to treat myself (and others if they want). With that in mind, here is my step by step guide to romancing the shit out yourself.

  1. Buy yourself champagne at the store. 
  2. Quietly laugh at the poor suckers buying the slim pickings flowers at Ralph's.
  3. Go home and clean off the gym.
  4. Make dinner for yourself like you would any other night.
  5. Drink champagne while you cook
  6. Take your dinner's picture. This makes the ordinary feel special.
  7. Put strawberries in your next glass of champagne. YOU FANCY! 
  8. Eat your dinner. Maybe light a candle.
  9. Watch a romantic movie or tv show (or Storage Wars if you are me)
  10. Think about making dessert
  11. Search your entire kitchen for an ice cream scoop
  12. Drink more champagne
  13. Become discouraged because you totally thought you had an ice cream scoop. 
  14. Drink even more champagne.
  15. Find your ice cream scoop. Renew your faith in humanity and your own sanity. 
  16. Make yourself dessert. Put way too many mini chocolate chips on it. 
  17. Eat dessert.
  18. Drink the rest of your champagne
  19. Do not do dishes. Tonight is about l-o-v-e! 
  20. Fall in love with how awesome you are. 

panko crusted pork chop with horseradish sauce, french green beans

raspberry sorbet with mini chocolate chips

p.s.  "singles awareness day" is dumb. It's Tuesday. 
p.p.s. If you wanna make a day special, just do it. Be terrific, you guys. You don't have to wait for an excuse like Valentine's Day (but do use it if you want). Everyday is great. Life is seriously wonderful. 

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