Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aren't All Diamonds Organic?

Christmas Wish List:

  1. Give to Heifer International on my behalf 
  2. BOOKS
  3. Curling iron that will not break when I accidentally drop it a short distance one time because I accidentally touched the hot part and burned the shit out of my finger. 
  4. Gym clothes. Especially sports bras that do not suck.
  5. Diamonds (organic)
  6. A trip to see the Survivor Tree
  7. Hair ties
  8. A black purse that is exactly like my brown purse
  9. New stereo (organic)
  10. Scrabble pillows. Spell some really cool word that I can have in my apartment and my mom won't be scandalized.
  11. Binders (decorative, not plain please please) and Sheet Protectors (go green)
  12. Romantic dinner. Just you and me and everyone that reads this blog. 
  13. [Edited] - Recommendation for a good jewelry repair place in the Ocean Beach or surrounding area.

I am only a little bit serious. 

1 & 5!

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