Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 3: Two Days Late

Your favorite television program.

My favorite television show of all time is The West Wing. I have watched the series countless times and can quote the majority of it.

One of my favorite episodes is: Inauguration: Part 2 - Over There
In that episode, there is a scene where Josh goes to get Donna to come to the inauguration balls after he realizes she fell on the sword for her boyfriend and they have this beautiful moment of understanding that they can trust each other completely. It is really great.

It is a really intelligent show and I am now a card carrying member of the cult of Sorkin.

lol, fan art.

My favorite show that is currently airing is Sons of Anarchy. It is exciting to watch and very complex. It has been a little cheesy in the last few episodes but I am excited to see what they do with the Maureen/John Teller letters. I think it could further the complications of being a modern day outlaw and the divergence from the ideals of the post-vietnam club. It is like the MC is in it's angry adolescence.

And Jax is attractive.

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