Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2

Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.

Things I have pierced:
earlobes. 3 holes in each ear
tongue. 1 stud

I got my tongue done first and my ears after. I went to Hollywood to get info and talk to the piercer about getting my tongue done then I impulse just did it. I threw up the next day which was a horrible experience because my tongue was so swollen. I also will always think of how pretty the lights at the Pantages looked when I was in my post piercing adrenaline high haze when I go down that street.

I really like the captive bead ring I have through the top two holes in my ear. I got it done during Musink when Courtney got her Avett Bros bird on her forearm. We saw Atreyu play that night and left the dog home alone while we were gone all day.

Sir freaking out after his long day.

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