Monday, September 15, 2008


Things I like:

1. sports - hockey, college football, pro football, water polo, swimming, and everything else. Especially live.
2. watching boys play video games.
3. interior decorating
4. orange
5. lynchburg lemonades
6. lox bagels
7. naps
8. daydreaming about ideal relationships with boys that I like IRL
9. lolcats, loldogs, matching faces, pundit kitchen, graph jam, fail blog, engrish, cake wrecks, photoshop disasters, gofugyourself, ontd, it's lovely i'll take it.
10. Dave, Chris Clark, Matty P, Rey Maualuga and the entire USC football team (espcially whoever was in Ralphs tonight), Lofa Tatupu
11. the word adorable
12. saying Mexico, Richard and bananas at inappropriate times
13. Since U Been Gone
14. Southern Comfort
15. Dr. Pepper
16. Southern Comfort in Dr. Pepper
17. my computer in all of her glory

that is it for now.

1 comment:

TheGreatHoudini said...

#16: I think you mean Dr. Pepper in Southern Comfort.