Monday, June 30, 2008

Only in Cali where we riot not rally to live and die - 2Pac

I was driving around today and took a few photos of the area around my new apartment. I was prompted to do this because of the people on the corner by the lavanderia and their small kid improperly placed in a shopping cart.

Trying to be stalker like and get a photo of the people and their shopping cart kid.

Better, but not good.

LDS building, church, temple - something on the corner. Also sign saying West Adams. holler!

School that is near my house. It is new since I started college (I think). Looks a little bit like a detention center.

Little park that is down the street. I want to have a picnic there and also shoot some hoops - but I would get schooled so hard by all of the people that live around me.

Mural covered in graffiti - sorrow. Exterior wall of the market at the end of the street.

More of the defaced mural. Please note that the speed limit is not 30, it is graffiti miles per hour.

The market at the end of the street. Carne Carne Carne!

Next door neighbors.

I blame that man for waking me up everyday at the ass crack of dawn.

Tonka trucks.

Giant drilling thing with poles they delivered last week. I couldn't get it all in the picture: too tall.

Our cute house.

Front o' the house (which is now 4 apartments)

View down the street. I took one the opposite way but that photo disappeared in the cable from camera to laptop.

the only completely finished area of the apartment:

My bed and nightstand area! Woo! The middle of the long frame says "hidden in a valley beside and open stream, this is the type of place that you will find your dream." The best fortune cookie quote ever. Courtney sent me that as a text today and made my life 1000000% better.

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