Friday, June 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So after several weeks on bits of moving I finally have everything (well sorta) into the new apartment ready to be unpacked and put in its place. It has been super stressful and I still have about one box full of things to bring over - mostly things I am using to clean the old place and tidbits I forgot here and there in drawers and cabinets. I have been having major anxiety about moving out/moving in. I feel like there is a ton of stuff that has been made my job by virtue of me being around. I don't really mind making the call for the carpet cleaner or patching the holes etc. but it is turning into a lot of little things that are driving me crazy. In other news, I am giving Sonya my bathroom accessories and shower curtain. I am going to embark on a giant project of organizing all of my stuff. I have more clothes than anyone really needs and I have about a billion papers that need to be sorted, filed or shredded.

I also want to build a bar or some similar drink station for one corner of the kitchen. I think it will be using a lot of this stuff:

Millstead MDF Pre-Cut Panel

(via Home Depot)

At least they do on HGTV...

I will edit this post later to include some pictures (mostly because I'd like Kate and Courtney to see what I've done with the place and for insurance purposes [apartment insurance?] and also so the thieves know what is there)


View from the front door - featuring a mess of stuff and some furniture that will only be there through mid July

View from entrance to Kitchen - featuring curtains that I love, blow up couch which I love ironically, giant TV courtesy of Joe and more mess. Oh, also, ugly beach cover up thing that the previous owners used to cover window in door.

View of our one wall of cabinets featuring the sink and stove. There is approximately zero counterspace. On the left side of the picture you can see the table I got for a kitchen island - covered in crap. The kitchen is the least unpacked area.

A sideways picture of the hall that I can't seem to fix or get to in a different order, damn you blogger. As you can see, everything in this part of the hall is unpacked.

Sideways picture of the kitchen from the area between the fridge and the stove. Featuring kitchen island table and piles of crap.

View of the other end of the hall (kitchen end as opposed to the bedrooms/bathroom end). Some junk is currently waiting in the closet-y area to be sorted out. broken bike, miscellaneous crap I don't know what to do with yet. I got a closet organizer thing to hang on the bar and act as our linen closet - extra towels, toilet paper, paper towels etc. I thought it was pretty smart.

Kate's Room featuring my Mom's blow up mattress (on top of Kate's mattress and box spring - my mom is weird) and my desk lamp. woo!

Courtney's room featuring Courtney's new/Jordan's old cooties bed, my computer because my internet jack doesn't work, lawn chair in which I do homework and interneting, and finally a headboard and footboard that I liberated from my old parking garage that is waiting to see if Courtney wants it.

View from window area of Courtney's room featuring my computer and Joe and Jordan's old lamp because I felt bad and didn't want to throw away a perfectly good lamp.

Bathroom featuring unorganized products (mostly because I don't have to share with anyone yet) and a rubber duckie towel - I stole all of the blue-ish towels from my mom because they match the floor tiles.

Picture of bathroom from inside the shower featuring blue floor and my box of tampons. Yea!

View of my room from the door featuring bookcase and a giant pile of bags of stuff - shoes, random bathroom stuff like cotton balls and a bunch of other junk. Once organized I think I will commission Kate to paint something for the wall so it isn't a big white wall as you go inside.

View as you step inside of my room. HUGE mess. Features my bed in disarray, my beloved exercise bike, fan because my room is a hot box, and more mess mess mess.

Picture of my room from the best thing ever - my exercise bike - features a view of my unused internetless desk currently covered in papers, my poorly utilized nightstand, and more piles and piles of mess.

and finally a view of my bed featuring gross unmade covers, my sort of headboard that hasn't been attached, and my nightstand with my favoritest picture of Lex and me, oh and my backpack.

people in the neighborhood are exploding fireworks.

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civis said...

I love approximately 7,000 things about this post. Let's see if I can remember them all...

1) that thing holding the bottle of wine in the first picture = hahaha.
2) that tapestry/sari thing over the door = awful.
3) Good Eats on the television
4) my room is all bed = a childhood dream of mine (that, or a floor covered entirely in pillows)
5) the liberated headboard is FANTASTIC y.e.s.

So that isn't actually 7,000, but a complete list (by my rule of 5) nonetheless.

I owe you approximately 365 meals at La Taquiza for everything. Seriously, if there's anything (hole patching, minor repairs, whatever) you want to leave until Kate and I get there, feel free to do so. I know that you have a hard time living with things like that, but we'd be more than happy to take care of some stuff after all you've done.

I arrive at LAX at something like 7:05pm on 13 Aug, so I will see you either at the airport or at the apartment after the shuttle that I have to take if you're busy drops me off. And then I can hang up the ludicrously large 300 poster that I have in my room, and decorating will be complete haha. My room will be downright pornographic, what with that massive bed and a massive poster of a scantily-clad man. p33n. heartz.