Monday, April 7, 2008

feel like crying and...

I am having a rough day.

Hearing about another job offer that Jordan got makes me feel like I picked the wrong path in life... I am pretty sure after one year of service I will not be given a company car and shit like that. I don't really understand why engineers get all of these perks. I often think that the liberal arts skill set is undervalued and the science/math skill set is overvalued. I am going to be 22 with a master's degree soon and still not get the kind of offers that Jordan gets now with his incomplete degree. I am jealous and upset. Mostly I just feel like crying and not doing anything with my life.

Courtney has pretty much decided to live as a hermit in the Highlands of Scotland and study in some foreign country for graduate school. She is a brilliant girl and I am absolutely confident that she will get into whatever school she wants and that will take her away from me again... this time for years. It mucks up my post college plans. Mostly it makes me feel like crying and hiding from everyone.

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civis said...

See, I agree with your assessment of the liberal arts/sciences disparity, but I think that you look at the Jordan thing the wrong way. Engineers and business majors and the like are basically guaranteed a job when they graduate. It's one of the things that SC prides itself on and is obviously a big draw. The liberal arts don't have that sort of guarantee, and we don't go to school because that's what we want. Yeah, it sucks that we have to look harder for a lucrative career etc etc, but you'd be miserable as an engineer. You made a choice early on that you'd rather be happy than rich right away, and I think that that's a smart choice. You'll find something worthwhile, it just won't be handed to you on a silver platter. But I mean really, could you imagine Jordan actually having to search for a job? No. It's better this way, for all parties.

As for my future plans, they could take awhile, depending on my academic saturation and money reserves. So don't get too crushed yet. Wait until you see me running around like a crazy person next semester, trying to convince people that I deserve their money and at the same time not drink myself into oblivion and write one of the defining academic works of my life. It will be worth the price of admission (which is exactly the cost of shared rent).