Friday, April 25, 2008

As If To Say, Let's Do This! I'm A Cashew.

So I've decided that it helps my sanity to write down what I have/have not accomplished on all of this homework:

Intro Class: DUE TUESDAY
Original website pitch - 10-15 page document, 10min polished presentation for VCs

* 6/10-15 pages complete: I focused my idea to make it even more niche. I really like where the paper is going, I just don't want to write it. I want to have this at 10 pages by EOD.
* 1/? slides complete: ARGH!

Technical or Managerial Presentation: 10 mins

* 13/14 slides complete - Picked the technical side for the presentation. I need to add in a slide about client-server programming and then it is done. I am no longer worried about presenting well because Andrew doesn't seem to have been too hard on the people that went last week.

Original Research Paper: 15-20 page paper with original empirical data, 10ish minute presentation

* 0/15-20 pages actually completed: Survey is out in the world and doing well. I am going to have to cram really hard for this assignment. It is probably the most important and I started working on it the earliest but I have the smallest actual final turn in quality material completed.
* 0/? slides complete: Ah FUCK. My plan is to dedicate Sunday to this exclusively.

Continuous Assignments:

* Reflection Papers: one more required intro-class reflection. I really enjoy doing these but I also feel like I can focus on them... really too bad.
* Reading: done 'cept for reading for research, at this point.
* Quiz: Tech Class - one left. It isn't that important but I want to do better than my last two.
* Participation: this is now a matter of asking insightful questions of my fellow students during presentations.

I had quiznos for lunch today. They made my sandwich really poorly. As I navigated the difficult task of eating it I thought "I am so poorly constructed" which made me think of Dan and what a great person he is.

My new computer is awesome. I def. recommend going to the dark side. They have cookies.

I bit my lip really hard yesterday (eating ice cream of all things) and now have a fat lip. Pretty sore and pretty embarrassing circumstances for having it.

Jordan has about infinity job offers. I am happy that he is finding work (he was really worried earlier this year/past few years). I also think it is making him cocky and not focused on learning. I am supposed to have dinner with him tonight.

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