Friday, March 7, 2008

Fraud, Papers, and Bitterness

I am on a break from my paper so I thought I'd share some things with you all.

First, in regard to my earlier post - I was on the phone with my bank all morning trying to figure out when I will get notification about my fraud claim being resolved on way or the other. It appears that it will be sometime in mid-April. Devastating. It really feels terrible to be financially crippled. I've been trying to take some positive life steps but it is just so damn hard to do anything with no money in your wallet.

Second, some details on my paper in case you are interested - I am writing about Barak Obama winning the online space. I am making parallels to branding, customer evangelism, and viral marketing. It has been an illuminating experience to research and write this.

Third, I am listening to a playlist that I titled "bitter" I made it sometime during the summer or fall of 2006 which was the time right after Jordan and I happened, which was probably the most depressed I've ever been. That shit sort of ruined me on a deep level. But, really what I am getting at is that the last two songs are titled "Can't Let Go" and "We're Just Friends" respectively and they might be the best song titles ever for the end of this playlist and the way that things have turned out.

well, my break is up and now I must go back to finishing this paper. I will go back to my bitter playlist and try to decide if I've gotten anywhere.

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