Sunday, March 11, 2012

All Before Noon

So, I thought today was going to be super busy and stressful... running errands all over town, chores etc etc. One of those Sundays where you just deal with the pains of having to take care of yourself, your home and all things related to being a decent human. AND I thought with the lost hour, I would be extra crammed for time... BUT I must have been in warp speed this morning because I accomplished so much in a very short amount of time.

  • Met with new fitness consultant. Talked about my goals & she is going to design a DIY program for me. We will do the routine together 1 day this week at the gym. I AM EXCITED
  • Went to Michael's Craft Store. Got supplies for Easter/Spring cards (p.s. if you don't get cards from me now and want to, email me your address). Basically every employee in the store said hi, asked if I needed help etc etc. I think I was the only person in the store.
  • Shopped at Party City. Found some really great deals on a few items to bring as contributions to the St. Patrick's Day party Matt is hosting. If I was a rich woman, I'd have theme parties all the time and Party City would be my crack cocaine. 
  • Grocery shopped at Fresh & Easy. Mostly supplemental stuff and ingredients for a treat I am making for the aforementioned party. I also impulse bought the fixings for making a pizza tonight (I'll try to remember to snap photos and write a post on it too)
  • Made some pretty crappy pancakes. I was explaining my pancake philosophy to a few friends recently and was inspired to try my hand at them but I was not very successful. For those that haven't heard, my favorite way to have pancakes is the way my dad makes them. He uses the traditional bisquick recipe but he always has his pan a little too hot and they come out slightly burnt - they are never the golden brown like you get at restaurants (or probably most people's houses). I tried to give them that sorta dark toasty burnt-ish brown color, but I was just terrible at recreating them. Some were underdone, some were over done. Whatever. I made pancakes which is impressive regardless. 
  • Vacuumed & cleaned my glass tables. Self explanatory. 

I've spent the last hour trying to list out other things I can accomplish today so that the second half isn't a waste. 

I think I will do one or more of the following: laundry, make pizza, gym, clean Frankie B Fish's home, nap, read the local music issue of San Diego City Beat, investigate selling/trading my too big wetsuit & get a new one, buy the two things Fresh & Easy didn't have & a Sea World fun card at Ralph's, watch TV while melting into my couch. 

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