Friday, December 16, 2011

Get Your Holiday Decor On

I decorated my apartment for Christmas this year and I tried to be as cheap as possible. I bought only a couple things and I am going to try and document some of them in a few posts (but as with most of my blogging plans, I'll get lazy and forget slash need to be cryptic and share half emotions and animal pictures with the ether).

My philosophy for holiday decorating is: reuse things you already have and steal from your mom.

My overall color scheme for this year is red & silver. I tried to incorporate silver bells and some glittered natural elements, as well, as a running theme.

This is the centerpiece for my coffee table (instagramed, of course):

Glass bowl: 50% off at thrift store - $4, will become either a centerpiece, fruit bowl or something post holidays.
Silver strands: Tinsel (saw this for $1 at rite aid) but I took this from my mom who probably bought it at a post-christmas sale for like a nickel.
Ornaments: Already had these from several years ago. I bought a set of red & gold ones that have a whole bunch of different shapes (globes, hearts, stars, etc); some smooth others textured and they are also an assortment of matte and shiny finishes. Probably one of the best xmas decoration buys I've ever made because I can pick out just one shape, color, style etc and build a whole theme on it. For this, I just picked out matte and shiny red globes.

This is an example of how I modified all the candles around my apartment to be holiday themed (instagramed, again).

Usually this candle has shells around its base, but I decided to take those glass rock thingers you put in flowers and crap like that and add tiny jingle bells to the mix. Again, this was made possible by the generous donations of my mom's old christmas stuff, but I think this same thing can be accomplished relatively inexpensively. This would work especially well if you already have decorative displays with these pebble things - just add jingle and BAM! HOLIDAZE! I did this for just about all of the candles in my apartment - I thought it added some nice continuity across the rooms. 


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