Friday, June 10, 2011

Email Me

About a month ago I decided to stop using my inbox as an archive folder and radically changed the way I handle my email strategy. For tips on how I manage now, get into this website.

And this morning Matt shared this very interesting project with me. It really hits the nail on the head. I get way more emails than necessary daily and most of them break one or more of these rules. It is really refreshing to take a step back and really evaluate how you lead your digital life and make sure that you messages are relevant and easily digestable/actionable. I am trying to make sure I get my act together so that I can spend most of my time IM-ing you guys nonsense because that is where real life happens. HA.

but p.s. I AM ALWAYS GOING TO CAPS LOCK TALK IN PERSONAL EMAILS randomly because I love it too much not to stop. Sorry, you poor unfortunate souls that call me friend.

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