Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky

So, as some of you may know I landed a new job and start tomorrow at 9am (I'll post about it later no promises). And since I am staying in San Diego for the foreseeable future I had to find a new place to live, which means MOVING. I found a lovely 1 bedroom apartment in Ocean Beach (which was a couple minute drive before). AND as many of you know packing/moving is not high up on my list of favorite things to do soo.... yay: new place in a great area, bleh: everything related to getting there.

my life in boxes

I have so much crap and I have moved every year since 2004. I always say to myself that I am going to purge as I pack or unpack but it never seems to happen. This go round I was able to make some progress on getting rid of things, but I am getting down to the wire and I am sort of in the mode of just throw it in a box/bag/car/anything and get it to the new place. I am hoping to actually sort out a lot of it once I am there but I fear it will turn into the same thoughts of, "this place looks messy, let me shove things into every crevice and hide it all so that I don't look like a slob."

I have packed up most of my things and they are all labeled and sorted. These are the visible and highly used items like dishes, small electrics, desk accessories, books, entertainment, decorative items etc. However, I am now getting to the back of the closet, under the bed type items which leave me wondering one, if not all, of the following things:

  1. I own this?
  2. Why didn't I shred and throw away all of these snail mail credit card offers?
  3. Ohhh, there you are! 
  4. Gross.
  5. Erin, why on god's green earth...? just why? 
I have the rest of tonight (but I already started drinking a nightcap sooo...), tomorrow night and Friday night to get everything ready to go. Then I move on Sunday (Saturday is a fun detour of brewery tours for Michael's birthday/THE RAPTURE). 

Though my postings are always sparse at best, I may be off the interwebs for a bit with settling in to the new job, moving etc. But I'll be back soon with exciting posts on topics like (again no promises)
  • Things my roommate left behind
  • Sad Keanu visits my old apartment complex
  • One word: newjob
  • Livin' right near da beach boy-eeee!
  • Viva Las Vegas

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