Monday, April 18, 2011

Lights and Sounds: San Diego

I found this list of the top things to do in San Diego and since I am soon leaving this place for the foreseeable future, I thought I'd take tally of if I did the top things while being a resident.

1. Go to Sea World
Check. Mom bought me a fun card - best thing ever. Went all the time. I love this place.

2. Take Kids to Legoland
Nope. Makes me think of this part of Knocked Up. Also, don't have kids to take there (thank goodness).

3. Go to the Beach
Check. Yeah, sunburns.

4. Visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Nope. Too many dollars.

5. Visit the San Diego Zoo
Nope. Sorry, pandas. Though I did go on the sky lift thinger during some Holiday event at Balboa Park (read as: doesn't count).

6. Take a Harbor Cruise
Check. Worried about getting seasick the whole time.

7. Check out Coronado Island
Check. Went a few times. Brunch with parents was the best trip.

8. Check out Balboa Park
Check. Went several times, but the memory that sticks out is going on a short nature trail with Matt and Michael during a meal break during a Drupal conference we were attending.

9. Tour the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier
Check. It was really cool. Bought a key chain that now is on my car keys. I will probably start to get sad when I look at it when I am gone from this city.

10. Chill out in La Jolla
Nope. It isn't far, but I just have never gone up there for anything.

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