Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

I miss Lisa Left-Eye Lopes.

if you chase waterfalls, you get aids.

Today ended up being awesome despite my earlier lethargy. Woke up in a funk but  managed to motivate myself to do some chores. Then Michael and I met up for a lovely day of shopping. We started the day picking out frames etc for some of his prints and got them all set up to be done in 2 weeks. Then we went to In-N-Out (inspired by Sean's check in on foursquare to another location across town). Next we went to a couple malls looking to replace Michael's sunglasses that have disappeared. I got a new bra and panty set while we were out. The sales people always think that Michael is my boyfriend when we are out. I always want to correct them and say, "actually he is my gay boyfriend, it's slightly different," but I never do. After mall-ing, we went to BevMo! to get Jack Daniel's Honey and various other treats. I got another interesting sour beer by New Belgium brewery and tequila (tomorrow is Easter, after all). Finally, we hit up Ralph's so I could get the fixings for Easter with Mashley. Since I have rarely ever done the typical Easter dinner since my "adoptive" family is Mexican, I decided to let my friends in SD in on that treat by attempting carne asada and whatnot. Hope it turns out okay.

Hipster Easter Flowers
And today only promises to get better as Matt and Ashley are coming back from vacation. I am sure they would have rather stayed on vacation on a tropical island forever, but I am excited to have them back in town. I pick them up at the airport a few minutes before midnight. Then we will go paint the town red... just kidding, they'll be tired from traveling and need to rest up for the awesomeness I have planned for Easter Sunday.

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