Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fantôme The Friendly Beer

Yesterday, we (me, Ashley, Matt and Michael) went out in Ocean Beach. Started with dinner and a drink at Nicks at the Pier with just Ashley and Michael, followed by a whiskey-ginger ale with the whole crew. Since Matt didn't join for dinner, we ended up going to Newport Pizza and Ale house so he could get a slice of pizza and we could still have some drinks.
We ended up getting a couple of beers from this small brewery in Beligum called Fantôme Brewery. Their Saison was AMAZING! One of my favorites of this style that I have tried so far. We also tried their beer called Pissenlit. It was equally awesome. And that word now strikes me as hilarious because I can only think Piss Lint when I see it. 

Finally, the best part of this brewery is their mascot. He totally looks like Casper .

Casper Beer
Casper The Friendly Ghost

Also Casper

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