Monday, December 13, 2010

Days 10-16

Catching up:

Day 10: Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have.
My parents wouldn't let me have a pet for a very long time, with the exception of one very awesome goldfish I won at a school fair. I named him Spencer and I cried when he died a year later. There was an elaborate funeral at my toilet.

When I was 17, I was given the most amazing bunny in the entire world. I named him Bobby because he moved his head like the crazy detective Vincent D'Onofrio played on L&O: Criminal Intent. Bobby passed away a little over a year ago and I still cry about it (read as: "as I am typing this"). Every time I go to my parents house, I still expect him to be there - I go to shut the door quickly so he doesn't go out the front and I look around when I put my feet down as not to step on him. I cried so much when he died. Especially since my job and the driving distance between SD and my parents house prevented me from being there when he was ill and passed. I'll never forgive San Diego for that. I really hope it didn't hurt to much when he went and that he knew I loved him so much.

I also had the great fortune to have Sir be a part of my life. Sir is a clinically insane min-pin/something cuddle dog.
He is incredibly adorable and I miss hanging out with him. He and I shared a whole lot of time together, him being a dog and me being unemployed. I will never forget when Kate and Courtney brought home this scraggly looking dog in Kate's shoulder bag. I believe my first words about him were "that is a dog!" I miss having him around and it was a treat and a half to visit Kate and Riley and see him again this fall. (wtf is that pose in the picture...)

I now live with my roommate's dog Bella. She is very well trained but not my cup of tea. I have discovered I am definitely a small animal type of person, but it is very nice to have a dog that knows your the honk your car makes when you set the alarm and waits for you at the door to say OMG OMG YOU ARE HOME OMG OKAY DONE.

Day 11: Your top three favorite bands.
I liked Heather's idea of letting the internet tell me - it said Motion City Soundtrack, Butch Walker and The Avett Brothers.

MCS seems to be a relic of my middle college years. I think Ryan Adams/Elliot Smith/Jeff Buckley/the Decemberists/Ponderosa/The Mountain Goats get played way more.

These are the consistent elements of my musical library. I try to listen to new stuff all the time. And hip hop plays a big part in my musical life. But I can say with certainty that Butch and the Avett Bros are favorites.

Day 12: Your thoughts or opinions on Harry Potter.
I haven't read the books and I remember thinking when they came out that they were too young for me. I can say with certainty that I have seen the first, sixth and seventh (pt 1) movies. Based on this I think Ron is the best.

Day 13: Your thoughts or opinions on Mean Girls.
I know I watched it, but beyond that I don't really recall much of anything about the movie. I know Tina Fey wrote it. These are the entirety of my thoughts on the subject.

Day 14: Do you have siblings?

Day 15: Tell us your favorite junk food.
Soda isn't a food, but if it was I would pick soda. However, since it is excluded I will have to go with something else. I am not sure this counts as junk food but I love meat, cheese and crackers. I could eat trays full.

Day 16: Your favorite Disney Princess movie.
I have always loved The Little Mermaid. I also very much love Disney's Alice in Wonderland... but she isn't a princess.

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