Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elbows Up, Side to Side in the Bath!

So there was an incident near my home (and by that I mean the shootout happened on my street [though admittedly I was enjoying a game of hockey in Orange County]).

Here is the follow-up Trojan Alert that was sent out once the incident cleared:
"The LAPD/DPS search of the North University Park area for three outstanding suspects was cleared at approximately midnight on March 11, 2009. Menlo is still not open to vehicle traffic, but students and residents are able to return to the area.

LAPD Detectives are still investigating this case, but we now know that four suspects were involved in a shooting with LAPD officers at Budlong and Adams March 11, 2009. The suspects then fled in a vehicle before crashing in the 2600 block of Menlo after striking a USC tram. No one on the tram was injured. Three suspects fled on foot and were apprehended through the efforts of LAPD, DPS and persons who called with information.

Any additional information released about this incident will come from LAPD through the local media or a media release. Thank you for cooperating with this investigation and contact LAPD if you have any information that may be helpful."

This description (lifted from the first Trojan Alert) "one suspect is described as male Hispanic, shaved head, white t shirt, dark pants and stud earrings in both ears," prompted me to google image search cholo. Because, well, why not make assumption and group people and be racist etc. (white girl at a hockey game in orange county when the shots were fired, after all).

This was my most exciting result:

I found this exciting because:
a. heteronormativity, hazing, and defining sexuality.
b. did they really put a hazing ritual on the interwebz? Don't get caught, guys. (I am assuming this to be hazing, yes)
c. the guy in front has a clown faced woman tattoo... I think they are creepster. the end.
d. men, masculinity and gangs. <3s.
e. this was the 2nd result when I google image searched. why? what does it say about our society's browsing behavior and prevailing opinion.

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