Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One, Two, Three, Four; Tell Me That You Love Me More

1. There is some sort of drilling operation going on next door to my apartment. About a month ago they started putting up giant ugly walls. They are just giant metal beams and bars with weird foam covers as the panels of the wall. They are hideous and are a terrible fleshy color. This whole thing is on the side of my apartment that has the windows so in the morning all of the once beautiful natural light is kind of a rotten peach color. It is like living next to a huge fleshy padded cell.

2. I think sex with clothes (dry humping - which makes me laugh and feel a little embarrassed to say, so we will go with sex with clothes) is mostly retarded. Lex said it is only good as foreplay and/or for 14 year olds. I agree. He said it is like an appetizer. Basically, it is garlic bread and while yummy it is not a full meal. You want the spaghetti. And honestly, if you are going to have Italian food why only settle for garlic bread not just have a whole meal?

3. Metal ≥ Rap. In the past few weeks I have been trying to broaden my musical horizons. I went through a gangster rap phase and listened to quite a bit of old skool west coast rap - all of which I have a great deal of fondness for and I have my usual collection of rap/hip-hop that appeals to me (some for what it says like Kanye, MosDef, Common, OutKast, MC Lars, and Gnarls Barkley [okay that is mostly sounds cool factor] and some because it is ridic like Lil Mama, Flo Rida, Juelz Santana, E-40 and Shop Boyz). And through all of this I have collected quite a bit of hip-hop/rap but I only have bits and pieces from various metal bands. And of course, Lex is a metal head so I thought I'd get him to drop some knowledge and give me hints on what to listen to. He gave me his list of metal essentials an I am slowly working through it and will soon venture into a bit of metal music discovery of my own (so far I am digging: Dragonforce [but that is at least 2 summers old], 3 Inches of Blood, The Absence, and In Flames) . Maybe it is because a lot of this is fresh and new to my ears and I don't know anything about it, but I am totally digging the riffs and craziness. C'mon anything that can be classified as Viking Metal is a winner in my book. Also, I have found that with rap I pay attention to the words so much more than with metal. Duh, rap is far more about the words than metal will ever be... but I don't know how to describe it... the words in metal songs are often intricate and about crazy shit but I just don't hear them when I listen to it. Anyways. I am finding that I like metal just as much if not more than rap. I will have to listen to a lot more if I am going to give a definitive answer. \m/

I Google image searched metal head and this was by far the best result.

4. I have been considering an East Coast trip sometime in the near future. I'd like to go when Courtney is in New Jersey so I can see her in her natural environment. I want to see her family again but Jersey style. Also, I really want to visit Jordan and see his apartment and where he is working and all that jazz. It would also be nice to include a detour to Connecticut to see Brad at Yale and Liz in her teaching program. And since I keep mentioning Lex - I'd get to see him too and I could get to do some more NYC sightseeing. All that being said, I have a HUGE desire to go on a solo road trip to Oklahoma to see the Survivor Tree. I've mentioned my love affair with this tree before and it is a major life goal of mine to accomplish this. I think doing this right after I graduate would be a good time for me, maybe not of the year (i.e. December- January) for driving or the tree. And going to the East Coast during that time wouldn't necessarily be ideal, though I did go to New York in January of this year and it was awesome. Some of the incentives of the East Coast may be gone though, who knows when Courtney will be there b/c of her comitments and Jordan may be moving his location since his job is rotational. I am really only in a position to do one as far as dollars go. So which would be the best choice? Ugh. I should probably figure out what I am doing with my life as far as employment and all that instead of just daydreaming about vacations.


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civis said...

Hahah wtf dry humping. Who even discusses that? No penetration, not worth discussing. That is my feeling. Then again, I am a trollop.

I will be in NJ from right after finals until right after Christmas, depending on the bowl game, possibly longer. The East Coast trip that you want to do would take approx. 2 weeks, done properly. Maybe a bit less.

Um yeah, s'all.