Friday, May 23, 2008

And I’m calling all you angels

I had the great opportunity to sit in on an angel investor presentation meeting. The Tech Coast Angels were hearing presentations from 4 start-up companies that they might invest in. The presentations were generally pretty good and I like a few of the company ideas. I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I cannot really say much about what happened, but it was really interesting and an exciting opportunity.

They had delicious Organic-To-Go catered sack lunches. I had the Caesar salad with apple and a cookie. They also had a blue cheese and walnut salad, various sandwiches and wraps. All looked yummy! The TCA investment group funded them, now that I have don't a little googling.

The group is mostly made up of really friggen rich older white men. The women that were there seemed like a feisty bunch. I aspire to be one of them. They are a tough crowd, but we spoke with David Pollock (who spoke in one of my classes last Spring) and he explained that you get way more critical when you are risking your money and after you've heard lots of presentations.

It must be a famously wonderful life to listen to to start ups tell you about their genius, next-big-thing ideas and then lock them out and cut them to shreds and then invite them back in and say hrm... let's talk more and maybe I'll give you a million dollars or to piss off because your life dream is stupid.

I want that kind of power and clout.

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