Monday, January 14, 2008

Non-Emo V.1.0

Heather recently moved away from the emotastic land of xanga to blogger. I want to do the same but I dislike that I cannot take all of my entries from xanga with me. I have been a somewhat dedicated member of the xanga community since junior year in high school, but I guess with new phases in my life come new ways to share them with everyone. I think I will end up a dual blogger.

I am a grad student now. Click for the program website. I am very excited about the whole thing but also scared. All to be expected I suppose.

Macy*s is ruining my life. I tried to pay my bill in store a while back and the internet bill pay shows I have a negative balance but I still have a collection notice from them saying I owe what I paid in store. It apparently has something to do with the credit card being both a Macy*s charge card and a visa charge card and all this hoopla about two different accounts. In the end I am going to pay them double what I should and have a negative balance on one of the accounts which I don't want. I feel like they are holding my money hostage.

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