Friday, January 25, 2008

Communication Scholarship for your lulz.

Read this. Contemplate.

danah boyd came into a class I took from Jonathan Taplin and at the time I only was interested in the fact that she doesn't capitalize her name. I thought it was awesome.

Now, I think her research is fascinating and want to be her. But when I really think about it, I don't really want to do research. I am just not that interested in doing anything that involves collecting data and determining if change is statistically significant.

I'd rather follow the Marshall McLuhan model of theorizing about communication. [that was a comm joke... He was high all the time but genius]. Also you should check out Neil Postman's response to his idea that the medium is the message. Postman argues that the medium is the metaphor. Illuminating stuff. I am going to write a response paper on it, I think .

In other news, Dan and I had an interesting conversation about casino gaming and the joys of penny slots. They are becoming very sophisticated with their interactivity. I am going to be spending a part of my weekend with chain smoking older adults in front of blinking screen in a dimly lit room with shinny lights. Normally I would be off put by the obnoxious noise of the games, but there is just something so alluring about getting to bonus rounds and touch screens.

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